What can I start doing now that will help me a lot in about five years?

Answer by A Quora admin:

Living in a manner to successfully avoid these regrets: Top five regrets of the dying

  1. Be honest to yourself and start living a life true to yourself, not the life others expect of you. Do it NOW. Wherever you are with whatever you have. No excuses.
  2. Be physically fit NO MATTER WHAT. That you don't have enough time to hit the gym coz you work 14 hours a day should not be an excuse. Focus on your health the way you focus on love or your career. Give up junk food, smoking and other unhealthy habits. And get health insurance.
  3. Forge valuable relationships – not PR or facebook friendships – Stay in touch with real friends who care about you and who you care about. Remember, happiness is best shared.
  4. Travel. Not having enough money or time are the most common excuses. Travel while you are young. It will change you in ways no other experience can. Not to mention there are some things you can do only when you are young. Read this article: Why you should travel young
  5. Learn to live within your means. Try not to borrow. Seriously. 
  6. SAVE. You know you can. Begin with saving a small amount periodically but do remember to increase it with time. Read articles, talk to people who earn as much as you do and their saving plans. Also, invest.
  7. Express your true feelings – Feeling hesitant in asking someone out who is wayyy out of your league? Or telling your dad how much you love him? Muster the courage to do it. Now. It might be too late before you realize. Now is the time to say the sorries and the 'I-really-like-you's' that you've always wanted to say. I am an introvert but mustered the courage to ask out every single guy I really really liked and though some turned me down, the sheer liberation of asking them out was indescribable.
  8. Do that thing that you really want but are really afraid to do it.
  9. Know the difference between being courageous and being foolhardy. Think before you act.
  10. Introspect and work on becoming a better person. Listen to your critics and true friends. Consciously work on giving up self-defeating or narcissistic behaviors.You know if you are too selfish, easily angered or too judgmental. You know if you don't give your 100% while studying. Change that. BE THE KIND OF PERSON YOU WANT TO MEET.
  11. Read the newspaper everyday. Back to back. And not on the internet. Try to read the hardcopy everyday.
  12. Read (in general). And not only so that you can talk about Murakami or the foreign policy at high-end parties or to impress someone.
  13. Do not give up your hobbies.
  14. Keep LEARNING new things. This is one of the most undrerrated virtues and a prerequisite for mental health. And it doesn't have to be a new language, or a musical instrument, if you don't have the time. New words, games. ideas, philosophies etc. Reading a random wiki page everyday, solving crossword or sudoku can be equally refreshing for the brain.
  15. Laugh for 5 minutes every morning.
  16. Meditate. Preferably every morning. If you can't do that at least ensure that you quieten your mind for 10 mins during the day. Don't think about anything. Just listen to yourself breathe. And BE.
  17. CONSCIOUSLY TEACH YOURSELF TO LOOK AT THE BRIGHTER SIDE OF THINGS. AND NO, you are not fooling yourself / lying to yourself when you do that. Be grateful for what you have. So what if you worked hard and yet didn't get the marks / credit you deserved? Or the love of your life passed away in an accident? Or were fired during the recession? You don't have cancer or a tumor in your brain. If you have it, your probably have access to the medical care required to treat it. THE VERY FACT THAT YOU ARE READING THIS ANSWER ON THE SCREEN OF A COMP / LAPTOP / PHONE is the proof that you are luckier than millions. It is okay to feel bad when life deals you an unfair blow but please, stop complaining and taking things for granted. This is the first step towards happiness. Watch 'Life is Beautiful'.
  18. Try new things. Also, Experiment. Step out of your comfort zone. And at regular intervals.
  19. Know when to say no. When to give up and when to hang on. Try try till you succeed but know when to stop trying.
  20. Be prepared for the unexpected. Life is what happens when we are busy making other plans. It may not necessarily be unpleasant or bad but even if it is, try to handle it in the best possible manner. Be prepared for the possibility of having twins (or triplets) when you plan a baby, or being fired if your organization is downsizing, moving to a city you dislike if your wife gets an opportunity too good to be true there etc.
  21. Regret but do not let it consume you. Don't ever think that impact of a decision, however bad or stupid, is final even if it is irreversible. So you were returning from a party and thanks to drunk driving, you met with an accident and lost a limb. It is sad and yes you would probably always regret it. But know that life goes on. And time heals. It really does.
  22. Do not hold grudges. I struggle with that everyday and fail but I don't stop trying. Think more about ideas and things to do, and less about people.
  23. Study logic. I know it sounds weird but the way we reason out things can be so wrong. And we do it so often.Check out these examples: 'I am unlucky because my mom died when I was 13 and I met with an accident next year and got mugged after that.' 'Most men are jerks.'  'I cheated on you because you cheated on me.' Always question your views and opinions. Not everything is or should be subjective. Most rigid people are so sure of themselves and illogical in their reasoning, it creeps me out. What if you are like that and don't even know it?
  24. Strive for balance in life and in everything you do. Do not let anything – love, faith, work; consume you.
  25. Be disciplined. Try to have a good routine. Routine is the housekeeper of inspiration (quote by Carlos Ruiz Zafon)
  26. VOTE. The first step to becoming a good citizen. And always throw trash in the dustbin.
  27. Stop swearing so much. EVEN (rather ESPECIALLY) INSIDE YOUR HEAD.
  28. Do something for the environment. We live so indifferently to the problems around us. Degradation of the environment is one of the greatest problems ruining our world and will most definitely be the reason for our extinction; if we do not do anything about it. We are all victims of consumerism but I insist that we should all try to do whatever we can for the environment. Take baby steps but begin. And the time is now.
  29. This one is personal to me (hence last on the list) I think it is supremely underrated and very very important. Wake up at dawn and be calm. The world is so beautiful and serene at that time. There is something about early morning that fills you with positivity. I have noticed that I get the best ideas and the most positive thoughts during dawn and this habit ensures that my entire day goes well.  Here's a Forbes article on advantages of waking up early: Benefits Of Early Risers – In Photos: Top 10 Advantages Of Waking Up Early As Rumi says, "The breeze at dawn has secrets to share with you. Don't go back to sleep"
  30. Waste less time. Life comprises of days and days, of hours. Every minute you waste, costs you a part of your life. Remember that.

    Happy living 🙂

What can I start doing now that will help me a lot in about five years?


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