How can I better apply what I’ve learned about life?

Answer by Shikhar Agarwal:

I have this question's tab opened since more than a month! Finally my answer! I have mentioned some ways to applying stuff which directly answers "what can I do" part and indirectly "Why does this happen".

 1. Stop Procrastinating
I believe u have read about this and have also noted this down already. Didn't apply and now again reading! This is a vicious circle – break this. If you have planned to do some random act of kindness, pick one of your followers and send him 1000 credits. NOW. Or a better idea – follow me – thanks for the kindness! 😛

 2. Come out of your comfort zone
Realize that being in your comfort zone is an excuse – not a privilege. Nobody has ever scaled heights staying in that zone. Planning to use public transportation, but can't leave your car? Give your car keys to a friend and tell him to go on vacations. Yes, I mean it.

 3. Leave laziness and Be active
Take your ass off the chair! Switch off the TV. Go for a jog. Or, go to the kitchen and help your mom. Get up and clean your room. You got to be active to apply things in life!

 4. Be the change
Lot of people have this attitude –

"How does it matter if I be the change? Everyone else is same, and mine changing alone won't affect the situation"

So you read that we should not litter on roads, but still doing? I am very sorry, but you fall into this category. You have to change. You are outstanding – prove it by standing out of the crowd! 🙂

 5. Resist Temptations, or simply just cut them out!
Spending too much time on internet? Exchange your smartphone for a simple device [1]. Read that smoking is bad for health, but still cant get over it? Whenever you have the urge, tell yourself that you are not the tail of a dog (know matter what you do, it always remains bent) – and hence has the capability to change. And read this answer again 😛

 6. Ignore what others think of you
Want to go out for jogging to reduce fat, but think that people would mock you? Some would even mock you if you dont go! Want to go to a temple or dance class, but the very thought of people mocking scare you? Well dont care about these things – its your life! Remember:

First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, and then you winMahatma Gandhi

 7. Motivate yourself
watch movies like Chak De, Rudy, etc. Read biographies of Lincoln, Gandhiji or check this answer – Life: What are the greatest stories of triumph over tragedy? . Realize that to achieve something, you have to get motivated – either internally or externally [2], which brings me to the most important point:

 8. Know Thyself – THE most Important Thing
Forget everything. Sit. Relax. Introspect. Deep dive within and understand yourself. Why aren't you applying all this stuff? Is it laziness? or lack of inspiration? Or just pure ignorance? Understand yourself, find the enemies within and then fire missiles on them. I have mentioned some of these above. For rest, make indigenous weapons! Or mention the factor in comments – I would think about those and modify this answer!

Happy Implementing!

[1] Balaji's answer to What is it like to downgrade from a smartphone to a feature phone?
[2] Psychology: How do you rein in the mind, hold up and move on when you are at the lowest phase of your life?

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