At age 25, would you pursue a good paying corporate job that makes you unhappy or a hobby that makes you happy but has no guarantee to pa…

Answer by Oliver Emberton:

Your question is the problem. Stop making big decisions and focus on closing the gap with where you want to be.

A successful life is not made of easy, clean cut choices. It looks like this:

Sadly, far too many look like this:

Now I know this sounds obvious, but consider. Have you ever seen a guy desperately enamoured with a girl, but he can't bear to talk to her? Or someone who wants to get fit, but they won't step in a gym? How about someone who wants better career options but stays exactly where they are?

You always need to be closing the gap.

Stop making this a big scary decision and start taking lots of continuous small steps. Take something you love doing – or if you're not sure what that is, something you'd like to try. And move towards it now.

In your case, you don't have to choose between a well-paid job you don't like and the unknown. You have countless other options:

  1. Start up a small business in your evenings
  2. Ask your boss what you could do for them to get promoted
  3. Teach yourself a new skill that interests you
  4. Write a blog or a book

Some steps will lead to greater things. Others will be dead ends. But as long as you sit feeling paralysed, I can assure you nothing will change at all.

Do not, and I shall repeat for emphasis, do not defer this until a "better time". If you make a habit of that, you'll wake up one idle Monday and wonder how you let your whole life fly away.

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