What can I start doing now that will help me a lot in about five years?

Answer by Ashraf Sobli:

Here is the list that will completely transform you into a better person in 5 years time :

1. Eat healthy. Try to reduce /eliminate junk food.

2. Exercise 15 minutes a day.

3. Join public speaking group – toastmaster. Watch and learn how great speakers talk eg. Steve Jobs, any top politician, cult leader

4. Learn how to code and join open source community. Replace this with any skill of your choice, preferably something that has high demand eg. Electronic circuit design, graphic design

5. Learn how to sell, go out there and sell something, anything. Get used to rejections and you will be unstoppable.

6. Talk to 1 stranger everyday. Stranger = opportunity. Opportunity to make new friend, to get new ideas, to get rid of that fear talking to stranger, to start a business venture and much more. Heck yeah, that stranger might be your future soulmate

7. Write 20 ideas on anything everyday. Keep digging and you might find gold. When you find gold, make sure you take action

8. Meditate everyday

9. Read positive materials every morning. Stop reading newspaper in the morning.

10. Write 5 reasons why you are grateful everyday before you sleep.

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