How do the most successful people spend the first hour of their day?

Answer by Nathan Ketsdever:

I would suggest that the most successful people do 2 to 7 of the following during their first hour or so of the day as part of their daily routine:

  • Exercise/Yoga/Walk (discipline, challenge, & ability to reflect) Marie Stein
  • Shower (cleanliness & ability to reflect)
  • Reading/Learning (reading & scanning key early morning news & headlines)
  • Writing/Recording/Journaling (what they learned)
  • Reflection (deep thinking, self-reflection, etc..)
  • Plan the day/Visualize the day (or planning & visualizing over larger vision moving forward) Daniel Eskin
  • Spiritual practice

You might also check out this related question on the overall habits of successful individuals: Nathan Ketsdever's answer to What are some good habits of very wealthy people?

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